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Creating a virtual airline, taking flight in the digital skies

Published on 14/10/2023 at 15:06

The aviation industry has always fascinated people with dreams of soaring through the skies. While the traditional path to becoming a pilot or owning an airline company may be challenging, there's a way for aviation enthusiasts to get closer to their dream : by starting a virtual airline.

A virtual airline is a simulation of a real-world airline, operated entirely online. With the advancement of technology and the availability of flight simulation software, creating a virtual airline has become more accessible than ever with FlyZold, our brand new virtual airline management system. In this article, we will guide you through the process of establishing your own virtual airline.

Define your vision

Before you start your virtual airline, you need a clear vision. Consider what type of airline you want to create. Will it be a commercial airline, cargo carrier, or a regional operation ? What will be your airline's niche or unique selling points ? Defining your vision will help you make informed decisions throughout the process.

Research the basics

Understanding the aviation industry is vital. Research real-world airlines to gain insights into their structure, operations, and regulations. You'll need to know about aircraft types, destinations, routes, and the legal requirements for running a virtual airline. Joining aviation forums and communities can provide valuable information and support from experienced virtual airline owners.

Choose a platform

Selecting the right platform to operate your virtual airline is crucial. Flight simulation software like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, Prepar3D or Infinite Flight are popular choices. These platforms offer a realistic flight experience and a variety of aircraft to choose from. Alternatively, you can also consider joining existing virtual airline networks, such as virtual air traffic simulation network (VATSIM) or the international virtual aviation organisation (IVAO), which provide a community of like-minded virtual pilots.

Legal considerations

While virtual airlines don't involve the same legal complexities as real airlines, there are still some considerations. You may need to obtain prior authorization from the real airline you're representing and in some cases register your virtual airline as a legal entity in your country, especially if you plan to organize events or charge for services. Consult with a legal expert to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

Fleet selection

Decide on the aircraft you want to operate. Consider the size of your virtual airline and your route network when choosing your fleet. You can start small with one or two aircraft and expand as your airline grows. Ensure that your selected aircraft are compatible with the simulation platform you are using.

Create a website and branding

A professional website is essential for attracting virtual pilots to your virtual airline. It should include information about your virtual airline, a list of routes, a flight schedule, and registration information. Your branding, including logos, livery designs, and marketing materials, should be appealing and consistent with your virtual airline's theme.

You also need to create a crew center to enable your virtual pilots to fly under professional conditions. FlyZold, our brand new virtual airline management system, makes it possible in just a few clicks.

Recruitment and staff

To run a successful virtual airline, you'll need a team of dedicated staff members. Consider recruiting for positions like a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), flight instructors, and route managers. Each role plays a crucial part in the day-to-day operations and growth of your virtual airline.

Operations and events

Operate your virtual airline by scheduling flights, managing bookings, and ensuring the smooth functioning of your virtual airline. You can also host events, like airshows or group flights, to engage your virtual pilots and build a sense of community within your virtual airline.

Membership and recruitment

Attract virtual pilots to your virtual airline by advertising on forums, social media, and within the virtual aviation community. Offer incentives such as virtual currency or rankings to motivate virtual pilots to join and actively participate in your virtual airline.

Provide support and training

Offer support and training for your virtual pilots. Provide resources, guides, and training sessions to help them improve their flying skills and knowledge. The more support and resources you provide, the more engaged and loyal your virtual pilots will become.

Starting a virtual airline is a thrilling endeavor that allows aviation enthusiasts to experience the world of aviation from a unique perspective. With dedication, a clear vision, and a passion for aviation, your virtual airline can take flight and become a thriving community of virtual pilots. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to create your virtual airline in the digital skies with FlyZold, our brand new virtual airline management system !

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

In order to provide an answer to the most frequently asked questions, we keep this section up to date which will probably be able to provide you with information if you wish to obtain information on our solution.

What is FlyZold ?

FlyZold is a virtual airline management system that allows virtual airlines to manage simply and efficiently their content through our simple and unique interface.

We believe that our solution will bring new impetus to flight simulation, more particularly by bringing a touch of modernity to the existing system by offering even more advanced technologies and by offering an even more advanced interface that can adapt to the majority of virtual airlines.

A virtual airline simulates the operations of a real airline or has been invented from scratch and offers virtual pilots, after registration, the possibility to make regular flights between different destinations, helicopter flights, or cargo flights.

Generally, the flight performed is recorded either automatically by a software called "flight tracker" (our solution uses for example the smartCARS software) during the flight, or after the flight directly on the FlyZold interface of the virtual airline where virtual pilots publishes a manual flight report.

The flight report is called a "PIREP". It includes information related to the aircraft used, the departure and arrival airports, the altitude, the flight time and more generally all the events that occurred during the flight.

Each PIREP is then saved by our system and can be found in the virtual pilot's logbook, where each PIREP can be consulted to find all the information related to it presented in the form of graphs, maps or dashboards.

A virtual airline management system is a web application that makes it simple and easy to manage the various contents of a virtual airline.

The functionalities of a virtual airline management system are numerous. Among other things, it allows several people to work on different pages or blog articles or even to structure the content of a virtual airline (FAQ, articles, blog), to prioritize users and assign them permissions.

FlyZold is a virtual airline management system allowing administrators of virtual airlines to manage all of their content (airports, aircraft, schedules, PIREPs, users) efficiently and fluidly, through a modern and elegant interface.

To create your own virtual airline, you need to follow certain rules, depending on the airline you represent.

In the case of a fictitious airline, you need to make sure that it doesn't exist, and that you have all the copyright you need to create it (including names, logos, etc...). In the case of a real airline, you must first obtain all the necessary authorizations from the real airline you want to represent in order to represent it virtually.

Once you have all the necessary authorizations, all you have to do is create your first airports, aircraft, grades and schedules in our virtual airline management system by clicking on the "Subscribe now" button in the main navigation menu.