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Exploring the exciting world of virtual airlines

Published on 13/10/2023 at 13:29

In the age of technology and digital innovation, the world of aviation has taken flight into the virtual realm. Virtual airlines, also known as VAs, are an exciting and growing niche within the gaming and simulation community. These digital organizations provide aviation enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience the thrill of flying, managing an airline, and engaging with a vibrant online community, all from the comfort of their own home. In this article, we'll take a closer look at virtual airlines, exploring what they are, how they operate, and the unique experiences they offer to aviation enthusiasts.

What are virtual airlines ?

Virtual airlines are online communities that simulate the operations of a real-world airline. These organizations use flight simulation software, primarily Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, or Prepar3D, to recreate real-world aviation scenarios, including flight routes, aircraft models, and airline management. Participants, commonly known as virtual pilots, have the chance to take on roles such as pilots, air traffic controllers, or even airline managers.

How do virtual airlines operate ?

To join a virtual airline, individuals usually need to register on the airline's website or through a dedicated forum or social media platform. Many virtual airlines have free memberships, while others offer more immersive experiences for a fee.

Once registered, members can choose an aircraft from the airline's fleet and select routes to fly. Virtual airlines often mirror real-world airlines, so they might have an extensive network of routes across the globe, allowing virtual pilots to explore different regions and airports.

Virtual pilots conduct their flights using flight simulation software. The level of realism can vary, but many VAs strive to create an authentic flight experience, often utilizing real-world weather data and air traffic control.

Virtual airlines often have ranking systems and progression paths. As members complete flights and gain experience, they can advance to more complex routes, aircraft types, and even take on leadership roles within the VA.

Virtual airlines foster a sense of community among members. Many organize special events, such as airshows, group flights, or challenges, where members can come together and share their passion for aviation.

Why choose virtual airlines ?

Virtual airlines aim to provide an authentic flight experience, with realistic aircraft handling, accurate airports, and dynamic weather conditions.

VAs typically have a diverse fleet of aircraft, allowing members to explore different flying experiences, from regional turboprops to long-haul jets.

Virtual airlines offer flexibility in terms of when and where you fly. Whether you have a few minutes for a short domestic flight or several hours for an international journey, you can find a flight that suits your schedule.

For those interested in aviation or considering a career in the field, virtual airlines offer valuable opportunities to learn about aircraft systems, navigation, and air traffic control procedures.

Participating in a virtual airline connects you with a like-minded community of aviation enthusiasts, creating a supportive network of friends with a shared passion.

Some virtual airlines allow members to take on management roles, such as route planning, airline finances, or air traffic control, providing a deeper understanding of airline operations.


Virtual airlines offer a unique and captivating experience for aviation enthusiasts. They bring together the thrill of flight simulation, the camaraderie of a passionate community, and the opportunity to learn and grow within a virtual aviation world.

Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a novice looking to explore the skies, virtual airlines provide a bridge to the fascinating world of aviation, right from the comfort of your home. So, fasten your seatbelt, prepare for takeoff, and create your own virtual airline within FlyZold to embark on a journey that blends the real and virtual worlds of aviation.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

In order to provide an answer to the most frequently asked questions, we keep this section up to date which will probably be able to provide you with information if you wish to obtain information on our solution.

What is FlyZold ?

FlyZold is a virtual airline management system that allows virtual airlines to manage simply and efficiently their content through our simple and unique interface.

We believe that our solution will bring new impetus to flight simulation, more particularly by bringing a touch of modernity to the existing system by offering even more advanced technologies and by offering an even more advanced interface that can adapt to the majority of virtual airlines.

A virtual airline simulates the operations of a real airline or has been invented from scratch and offers virtual pilots, after registration, the possibility to make regular flights between different destinations, helicopter flights, or cargo flights.

Generally, the flight performed is recorded either automatically by a software called "flight tracker" (our solution uses for example the smartCARS software) during the flight, or after the flight directly on the FlyZold interface of the virtual airline where virtual pilots publishes a manual flight report.

The flight report is called a "PIREP". It includes information related to the aircraft used, the departure and arrival airports, the altitude, the flight time and more generally all the events that occurred during the flight.

Each PIREP is then saved by our system and can be found in the virtual pilot's logbook, where each PIREP can be consulted to find all the information related to it presented in the form of graphs, maps or dashboards.

A virtual airline management system is a web application that makes it simple and easy to manage the various contents of a virtual airline.

The functionalities of a virtual airline management system are numerous. Among other things, it allows several people to work on different pages or blog articles or even to structure the content of a virtual airline (FAQ, articles, blog), to prioritize users and assign them permissions.

FlyZold is a virtual airline management system allowing administrators of virtual airlines to manage all of their content (airports, aircraft, schedules, PIREPs, users) efficiently and fluidly, through a modern and elegant interface.

To create your own virtual airline, you need to follow certain rules, depending on the airline you represent.

In the case of a fictitious airline, you need to make sure that it doesn't exist, and that you have all the copyright you need to create it (including names, logos, etc...). In the case of a real airline, you must first obtain all the necessary authorizations from the real airline you want to represent in order to represent it virtually.

Once you have all the necessary authorizations, all you have to do is create your first airports, aircraft, grades and schedules in our virtual airline management system by clicking on the "Subscribe now" button in the main navigation menu.